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  • Gemma Burke

Mental Health Awareness Week

Every year, Mental Health Awareness Week takes place in May and this year it falls between May 13th – 19th 2019. During this week, the aim is to increase awareness of mental health and the challenges it may bring. Educating us on the steps we can take to promote the benefits of good mental health and arm us with actions to manage any issues if they arise.

Over the past decade, mental health awareness has improved significantly. However, in a recent survey, only 14% of 2,000 workers said they felt comfortable discussing mental health at work. In addition to this, the number of workers suffering with mental health issues has also risen. A third of Brits saying they are more stressed then they were two years ago.

This topic is not only extremely important for all employees but should be top of the agenda for all organisations. Absences relating to mental health issues reportedly cost UK businesses a staggering £8.4 billion a year and 21% of employees have called in sick to avoid work when asked how workplace stress affected them.

What can we do as employers?

1. Create a culture that supports employees to be open about their mental health

2. Train managers on how to have a conversation with someone about mental health

3. Ensure managers are equipped with how to support someone who is experiencing a mental health issue

4. Be proactive in managing an employees time off sick and their return to work

5. Seek additional advice and support from HR on how to deal with an individual case

Mind charity provides a wealth of materials for both employees and employers on this matter here -

For any questions or a free consultation on how Energise Consulting can help you with any of the above please email

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